Saturday, March 25, 2006

V for Vendetta? ran an article from the Washington Post today about growing whispers among some Democrats in congress of impeaching President Bush.

Is this all they can think of at a time like this? With the war in Iraq, concerns about Iran, domestic issues like healthcare and social security, why in the world are these congressmen and women even contemplating an idea as superfluous as this? As if America doesn't have enough problems that need fixing, that some Dems feel they need to go on a vendetta against the president when he'll only be in office for another two years anyway. They have far more important issues to be addressing, but I guess for them it's easier to attack the president than fix the problems they feel he's created. It's a whiny, ineffectual thing to do.

I don't necessarily full-heartedly support the president--at the beginning I was a staunch supporter, but it's hard to be certain of things now. But I do think that he has consistently acted in good faith and has been a victim of misinformation on WMD and other issues. All of that aside, it will be difficult for the impeachment-hungry Dems to prove Bush "comitted high crimes and misdemeanors."And I'm sure Bush would probably rather debate impeachment than the war in Iraq.

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