Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Snark and society

I have a secret fascination with "society" news. Not the schmaltzy movie star news (although, sadly, I find that interesting too, sometimes) but news about the rich and popular--sad, but all of us have some kind of embarassing vice. For some reason, these parties and who was there and the schmoozing that went on makes for good reading. At least, when the writer is humorous and snarky. And nowhere else can you find snark in spades but on, a blog site that has links to celebrity news, random oddities, etc., all with a heavy New York emphasis. For instance, blogging about being at the party of some NYC magazine bigwig is interesting, the ASME awards were interesting, I could go on. And I've never been to New York, sadly, but it's still interesting and I can live vicariously.

Too bad no one wants to read about the beautiful people in Huntsville, AL. Or rather, that's not my circle and so I couldn't write about it. Ah well.

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