Monday, November 06, 2006

When to Write

Without a doubt, the best kind of day to write is in the afternoon, when it's cold and overcast, sometime in late fall when the ground is full of leaves and more are falling. There's somthing lonely and mysterious and exciting about a cold, overcast day. Like something may be out there, but you're not sure you want to know what it is. You're glad you're indoors, with lamps aglow, a mug of hot chocolate and a notebook or laptop. A day like that gives more "scope for the imagination" as Anne Shirley would say. Today is a day sort of like that, although not quite cold enough (or late enough in the day) to be the perfect writing day.

The perfect day to be outside? A crisp, bright fall day, when the air is cool enough for that favorite sweater and jeans, the leaves are brilliant shades of vermillion and gold, the afternoon is spent hanging out with my family and there's an anticipation of a great evening ahead.

Another perfect day to be inside? A snowy, overcast day in December, curled next to a roaring fire with my husband, our two cats and a good book. Alas, we have no fireplace. But I'm looking ahead to the future.

Must bounce back to the real world now and get some work done for the mag before I can let myself work on the novel. I'm hoping today will turn out to be a perfect writing day.

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