Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Novel update--Christmas edition

The Christmas season hasn't been a boost to my writing habits, which are completely unacceptable for a girl who hopes to one day be an author. I am, at least, still excited about my novel and I think about it every day...though thinking is about as far as I get. Time accelerates during the holidays, when every weekend has some kind of party or family get-together. Weekdays, I'm either working or Christmas shopping, and thinking about how the house hasn't seen a vaccuum cleaner or dust rag since November.
But here's the update on the novel:

Title: not yet
Body count: 1 (still dismal)
Red herrings: 3
Planned shocking revelation: 1
Love triangles: 1 1/2 (love trapezoid??)
Kisses: 1
Attacks on the heroine: 1 (a flock of bats)
Shallow conversations: 3
Deep conversations: dozens and counting
Secret passageways: 1

Looking over it, I can't decide whether the novel sounds interesting or not. At least the plot is outlined, which of course is always helpful. Beats making stuff up any day.

I'm looking forward to Christmas, although the season leading up to it is just as fun or more so. But if I hear any of these appalling songs on the radio again I'm going to scream:

"Do They Know It's Christmas?" --Band Aid
"The Christmas Shoes" --Newsong
"Wonderful Christmas Time" --Paul McCartney
"Happy XMas (War is Over)" --John Lennon and Yoko Ono (she needed to leave the singing to her husband)
"Celebrate Me Home" --Kenny Loggins
Any Christmas music by James Taylor (he needs to stick to what he does best)

Ew. Sometimes I just want to put in anti-requests to the radio stations for these songs. But anyway. A very merry Christmas! (And a happy New Year!) Let's hope it's a good one. (Without any fear...)

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