Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Do bad guys take center stage?

I'm musing over the merits of including scenes in my mystery novel that feature just the antagonist(s). I'm writing in third-person limited right now, following my protagonist exclusively. The antagonist scenes would be vague and brief, of course, and creepy. I guess it comes down to whether I want the readers to have some inkling of the bad guys before my heroine does. Readers wouldn't know the how or the why of the crimes, but would be able to guess the "who" fairly easily, though not the exact who. The "who" are members of a sinister secret society, but the reader still would have no idea the identities of these members, since they talk to each other using their code names. (It's not a dorky as it sounds...I don't think.) I'm also working on a twist ending, which would make it more ok to know who the perps are.

At any rate, here is my latest tally:

Title: TBA
Body count: 1 (but with plans for a second)
Breaking-and-enterings by masked thugs: 1
Red Herrings: 4--two people and two chairs
Kisses: 1
Smoldering looks: 2
Attacks on heroine: 1
Scenes in a morgue: 1
Appearances of Bon Jovi's "Livin on a Prayer": 1

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Nathan Bransford said...

Hi Anna, I'm a literary agent from Curtis Brown, and I'd be happy to see a query from you when your novel is finished. Any novel with a red herring that involves chairs is one I'd be interested in hearing more about.