Thursday, March 22, 2007

Goin' to the Chapel

JB and I went to a wedding this weekend in Dothan (for those of you not from Alabama, it's waaaay down south and home of the National Peanut Festival) for our good friend Chris and his beautiful new bride, Katie.

You would think that I, being 24, would be attending tons of weddings at this stage in my life, but somehow JB and I (the first of our friends to get married) have managed to completely surround ourselves with single/dating/still-in-college friends. We of course love them all whether they ever tie the knot or not. But weddings are especially fun when they're not your own! Things are looking up, though, because my good friend Amy is marrying an awesome guy in May. You can meet me at the bride's cake table, where I have the honor of being Cake Cutter (mmm, more for me...).

But anyway. This weekend's wedding was truly beautiful and we had a great time--it's obvious why so many movies and books are based around nuptials. It was a classic Southern wedding, which differs from traditional Northern weddings because:
a. Guests were not dressed for Adult Prom in sequins and tuxes
b. The wedding was at the bride's home church (I think)
c. No booze at the reception, which was held in the church's beautiful old fellowship hall
d. Not much dancing at the reception, though still lots of fun
e. Bringing a 'date' was not a necessity
f. The wedding ceremony lasted longer than 15 minutes

These aren't, of course, written in stone and don't apply to everyone, especially these days, but they were things I thought about when I was planning my own wedding that Northern girls probably don't worry about: Would alcohol offend some of the older people? If we had a DJ would anybody actually dance? How many meaningful traditions canI fit into the ceremony without it lasting half the afternoon?

But anyway. JB was a groomsman, and since Chris and most of the other groomsmen were groomsmen at our own wedding, it was a fun mini-reunion. I had my own wedding job with my good friend Sommer With An O. We were the Blonde Bombshell Program Attendants. We even had corsages and had our names in the program, which meant we were legit.

Ok, the spring weather is gorgeous outside today and I'm determined not to be blindingly pale this summer, so I'm going out there to soak up some color. I don't kid myself: I won't ever be a bronze goddess, but I can at least get enough pigment to be the same color as normal people who haven't got a tan...

P.S. I wrote all of this without my backspace key, which is broken (long story involving a glass of water and my brilliant plan that if I pried the keys off it would dry faster). It took about five times as long to write this blog entry as normal and I'm going to throw my laptop out a window if the replacement keyboard doesn't come in soon. So if this blog has no more entries ever, you'll know why.

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