Monday, March 26, 2007

If your life had a soundtrack

I just found the perfect soundtrack for life right after college.

Eliot Morris is a singer/songwriter I accidentally stumbled across on iTunes, and he's good. His music, an easy-going rock/folk/indie blend, is what initially drew me in, but his lyrics are so honest and thoughtful that I had to write about him on the blog. An added bonus is that he's actually from Mobile, in my home state of Alabama, and I think he's now based in Birmingham. But by far the most important thing is....he's an Auburn grad!! War Eagle!

I initially downloaded his "Infancy of Us" and it's still my favorite, but I thought the lyrics on "Balancing the World" perfectly describe the weird transitional time in the years after college when we have to grow up but sometimes have a hard time letting go of the last little bit of childhood, especially when we loved our time at college (he obviously knows how amazing Auburn is...).

My favorite parts are the first two verses:

Everything is a dream
And it's moving fast
It's hard to hand the present over to the past
So I don't know where to start
'Cause I fear the end
And all this transition into 'remember when'


Sometimes it's hard to see
When our cheeks are wet
And the storms inside our hearts won't let our heads forget
That this is part of life
A chapter in a book
That's where one day we'll sit back down and take a look

But the song is way more upbeat than the lyrics look. The first time I listened to it, I had one of those wow-that-is-so-right kind of moments. "Balancing the World" is from his album What's Mine is Yours, and the other songs are equally good.

And since I'm talking music today, also check out Jeremiah Meyer. He went to the same high school as my husband and me, and he's a ridiculously talented songwriter/pianist/musician. My favorite song of his is "Maybe Tomorrow."

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