Thursday, March 29, 2007


I need to befriend a police officer. I'm trying to explain how my novel's first dead guy died "accidentally" and the endless episodes of CSI I've watched aren't helping. For instance:

-How long would someone be initially questioned if she was the one who discovered the body but obviously wasn't connected to the dead person?
-Would she be questioned on the scene, if she'd dialed 911, or taken back to the police station?
-How long, on average, would it take to rule someone's death an accident, inluding autopsy, etc?
-Can blood alcohol content be measured after death?
-How long does it take bruises to show on a body, and would dying immediately stop this process? (I think so, but not sure)
-What is the title of the police officer in charge of the investigation into someone's death?

Police officers are the one set of people that I'd hate to interrupt (ok, maybe firemen also). If it were schoolteachers, restaurant owners, engineers or something like that, then no problem. And it's not as if I'm a famous published author to whom anyone is willing to talk. I can't call the local police department and say, "Hi, I'm Janet Evanovich and I have a few procedural questions. Do you mind helping me out?"

Until I solve my police procedural dialemma, here is a novel update:

Words: 28,619
Title: nonexistent
Cutaway scene to the bad guys plotting evil deeds: 1
Searches on Wikipedia for blood alcohol content effects: 1
(FYI: BAC of 0.4 will kill you)
Scenes in a bar: 2
Number of times breaking & entering scene rewritten: 6
Internet searches on Spanish moss: 1 (that's Tillandsia usneoides to all you botanists)
Incriminating pieces of evidence left at the crime scene: 1
Drunk people who aid in the investigation: 1

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