Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dog on the blog

My journalism career began the moment I stepped into the office of The Auburn Plainsman, Auburn University's award-winning campus newspaper. Since then, I've done some weird stuff in the name of journalism--walked around campus with a security guard at midnight for a story; pretended to know who Vern Gosden was while I interviewed him by phone for a local newspaper; got phone stalked for two weeks by an irate elderly lady. Now I can add "paparazzi" to my list. Or I guess I should say "paparazzo," which I think is the singular. Or maybe "paparazza" is the singular feminine...Italian noun tenses=not my strong suit.

Anyway, I was in Manitou Springs, Colo. last week on vacation with JB and his family. His mom and I were admiring handpainted glassware in a little art gallery when JB pokes his head in the door and tells us we have to get outside and see what's happening.

Of course we ran out and were just in time to see...A Famous Person. You may think, surely she can't be lucky enough to meet Pam Tillis and a month later meet someone else famous, but you would be wrong. I am that lucky.

The famous person was Dog the Bounty Hunter. I've never watched the show but JB and his dad were waiting for us on the street outside and apparently his dad had said something like, 'That looks like Dog the bounty hunter.' And Jeff looked, and then both of them knew for sure when they saw Dog accompanied by his wife. There are not another two people on earth who look like that. JB's mom and I rushed outside in time to see Dog getting into a giant SUV with wife and son.

I sprang into action. Dodging between two parked cars on the street, I stuck my head out from behind one of them and snapped a photo of Dog getting into his SUV just before he drove off. I realize you can't see his face, but please. Those flowing blond locks are a dead giveaway.

I have blacked out his license plate because I don't want him coming after me for invading his privacy or something. I'm a conscientious and moral paparazza.

What you also can't see is his shirt open to his waist...I'll work on my paparazzi skills a little more to bring you a jucier picture next time.

Journalism skills are useful in everyday life. Being able to write concisely, stalk people (by phone and in person) until you get what you want, take clear photos and ask the right questions are invaluable assets to nearly anyone in any profession.

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