Thursday, September 06, 2007

I saw this quote on the blog of a new author I love and just had to post it here.

"Nothing goes so well with a hot fire and buttered crumpets as a wet day without, and a good dose of comfortable horrors within." --Dorothy Sayers

I couldn't possibly have said it better myself, although I'd have to substitute coffee and a scone for "buttered crumpets" as I have no idea what a crumpet is, except that it's some kind of British pastry. Sounds delicious, though. And comfortable horrors to me = Jane Eyre. When the madwoman is rattling Jane's doorknob in the dead of night, or when Jane wakes up to find the madwoman trying on her wedding veil? Deliciously creepy.

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Alex Andronov said...

Ah crumpets are really lovely. I am in the habit of not having them, just so that I can have them again and relish them.