Monday, September 17, 2007

Novel Update--Loose End edition

Welcome to a special edition of Novel Update. Now that I am finally more than halfway finished with my novel, I realize there are about a million little loose ends that I've dropped along the way. Yeesh. This author business is harder than you'd think. It gives me more sympathy for all those badly-written novels out there. They get why not me? Although I plan to have all my loose ends tied up in one neat little package by the time this thing is ready to be sent out into the world.

Which reminds me of my favorite Anne Bradstreet poem, "An Author to Her Book." (Ok it's the only Anne Bradstreet poem I know, though we did study her in school so I do know who she is. It was then that I added her to my extremely short mental list of poets I actually like.) Must post that poem here. But anyway. Back to that list of loose ends.

Novel Update
-Word Count: 43,585
-Characters mentioned once and then never again: 6
-Characters I've created but never mentioned at all: 5
-Dead bodies momentarily forgotten: 1
-Characters who were BFF with dead person and never mention him or his tragic death after the third chapter: 7
-Key pieces of evidence inexplicably stuck in a drawer: 1
-Suspects with no motives: 2
-Suspects main character has never met: 2
-Characters-Scheduled-to-Die who have not made an appearance in person yet: 1

Not good considering I'm entering the last third of the book. I think being a cheesy romance novelist would have been easier.

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