Friday, September 07, 2007

Novel Update

Wow, haven't done a novel update in ages. Probably because I haven't written in ages--until yesterday. I credit my prolificacy to the supremely awesome pumpkin spice latte at the brand new Panera just minutes from my house. And to Panera's free Wi-Fi. Starbucks, take some notes from Panera--like you don't make enough $$$ already that you have to charge for wireless internet? Not cool.

But I digress.

Word count: 43,057 (whoohoo! over half way there, baby)
Number of red-haired villains: 1
Scenes with large SUVs driven by Greeks: 3
Appearances of Where's Waldo: 1
Number of times I got confused and lost Chapter 4: 3
Minutes I wasted looking for Chapter 4: 20
Conspiracy theories uncovered: 4 (but only 1 is correct...mwah ha ha)

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