Monday, April 21, 2008

Novel Update

Word Count: 59,667
Internet searches on the Confederate Flag: 1. I actually forgot whether the X was red or blue. It's blue. I'm not a Yankee, I swear.
Mathmatical calculations: 5 or least. (Ex.: if two people are descending a gently sloping tunnel at the rate of approximately 1 mile per fifteen minutes, how deep underground would they be after three mintues? How many feet would someone fall who is trapped in a dumbwaiter on the second floor of an old building that also has a basement--if the rope broke?)
Confusion level (my own), on a scale of 10: 11. I am having major difficulty remembering what the main characters know and what they don't at each part of the plot.
# of times I've gotten distracted by creepy-weird Russian sci-fi movie JB is watching: 22
# of unnattractive Russian people in movie: at least 13

I just have to boast. I'll do it quickly. I've joined Weight Watchers (which is actually not full of little old ladies like I previously thought) and have lost 6.6 lbs in three weeks! Won't tell you my actual weight right now but suffice to say that I haven't seen this number on the scale in a while--a great feeling!

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