Monday, June 23, 2008

I (heart) these blogs

It's a slow Monday, which means I've been making the rounds of some of my favorite blogs. (See left-side bar for the blog roll of my favorite haunts.)

I realized the other day that the common thread here is that most of the blogs are by crafty, creative people:
-People who can digi-scrap glorious pages from their fabulous vacations.
-People who create complicated desserts from scratch involving fresh fruit bought from an idyllic farmer's market. Usually in Oregon.
-People who sew an entire dress in one day. From a homemade pattern.
-People who take coffee-table-book-worthy photos that make the most mundane things look beautiful.
-People who write fabulous novels, become published and famous. (that would be you, Deanna Raybourn)

(The rest are blogs that make fun of bad grammar. No really, they're funny. I promise.)

Some of these lovely ladies are my friends. Some are just fabulous internet bloggers I've stumbled across. Regardless, it's enough to make me sigh and wish I were that multi-talented.

I scrapbook...occasionally...and want to get into digi-scrapping. But Photoshop remains a mystery and actually, those online tutorials seem either intimidating or boring. And the sheer volume of information on how to digi-scrap is daunting.

I'd also like to be a fabulous photographer like my friend C. Her photos are amazing. Mine are...well, see this post for an example of my skills.

There are only so many hours in the day, people. I can't be fabulous at all things crafty. Or even most things. I adore looking at C's photos and Posie Gets Cosy's recipes and photos and general craftiness, but I can adore from afar and concentrate on getting better at what interests me most:

1. Writing. Specifically, my novel. It still remains nameless. And without recent activity.
2. Cooking. Specifically, baking. I adore cooking when I have time, though my recent conversion to Weight Watchers and my husband's apathy toward baked goods does cramp my efforts a bit.
3. Reading. Specifically, mysteries, historical novels and the classics. Am somewhat hindered by my addiction to glossy magazines. Darn you, Lucky Magazine!
4. Running. Specifically, training for the 5K in October. Currently running 3x per week, between 3-5 miles each run. Am not good yet, but seeing improvement!

And that's it. I don't need to feel like I have to run out and buy the Nikon 3000 or whatever it is, or take online digi-scrapping tutorials from Jessica Sprague or subscribe to Martha Stewart's magazine or furnish a new craft room through Pottery Barn:

(Although I would probably kill for this home office. Or even just that fabulous yellow chair.)

This concludes my pep talk to me and all you crafty wannabes out there. Cheesy sum-up advice: Find what you love, stick to that, and be happy admiring or enjoying everything else.

P.S.: Must brag on this. My limited design skills have been validated. I just learned that my sorority's alumnae newsletter, which I write, edit and design (I know, yikes), just won Best Newsletter for an Alumnae Chapter out of all my sorority's alumnae newsletters across America (and in Canada). Very exciting stuff. For some reason our Web site is down or I'd proudly post a link.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

"Cheesy sum-up advice: Find what you love, stick to that, and be happy admiring or enjoying everything else."
That doesn't sound cheesy to me. It sounds like great advise that a lot of people could do well to follow. I'm with you...I have far more things that interest me than time or energy to pursue them all. Sometimes, we just have to choose the ones that fit our lives the best.

Rock on...

Shannon said...

I am so glad you like the Fashionably Late website! I'm just glad Yahoo finally got their act together and helped Benae get it straightened out. Thanks for the encouragement too, I need it this week for sure.

Fantastic post by the way. ;)

caseycooperPHOTOGRAPHY said...

Aww, glad you like my work! Now if I could just write as descriptively and interestingly (and grammatically correct) as someone I know ...