Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guarding the turf

One of my favorite things to do on a gorgeous day is sit on my tiny front porch with something to drink and the newest issue of Southern Living. Our neighborhood is old--a particularly good example of the brilliance of 60s subdivision architecture (split-levels! ranches! one-car garages!)--but it is chock-full of huge, gorgeous trees so everything is calming and green.

I went home at lunch today and ate quickly, then spent the rest of my lunch break relaxing outside. I looked up from a travel article in the new July issue of Southern Living to witness my very own live soap opera: When Cats Come to Call. Luckily I had my camera phone with me, so here are a succession of shots depicting a short scene from this fascinating show. First, get to know the stars:

The Man: Orion, male, long-haired yellow tabby with blue collar, kind of wimpy (belongs to us)
The Woman: Momerath, female, fluffy calico, a diva (belongs to us)
The Neighbor: Sonny, male (?), short-haired yellow tabby with red harness-like collar, overly friendly (belongs to the neighbors)

Scene 1:

Orion is minding his own business on the front sidewalk at the house.

Scene 2:
Orion encounters a visitor in the shrubbery. It's Sonny, the Cat Who Won't Leave, from across the street.

"W-w-will you please leave?" Orion stammers. "I don't know you that well. And your cat harness is weird."

Scene 3:

"Don't make fun of the harness," says Sonny. "Not my idea. Plus, I like it here. So I'm going to intimidate you with my paw, which usually works."

Scene 4:

Momerath checks out the action from a distance.

"They're fighting like sissies. Am I going to have to go over there?" she wonders.

Scene 5:

Momerath shows Sonny who's boss around these parts.

"The cat I live with may be a sissy," she says, "but this ain't your yard, so scram."

Scene 6:

"Come on, Orion," Momerath says. "Let's go
chill in the grass over there. You can thank me later."

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Shannon said...

Haha, thanks for the comment, and you are so are we not better friends?! We always seem to find out more we have in common. Good luck with the engineers, we'll have a cocktail in your honor! :)

p.s. The cats are hysterical. We have about a thousand stray cats in our neighborhood that always have drama in their lives - we like to watch them in the backyard.