Thursday, June 26, 2008

Parenting. Eh.

Part of my day job makes it necessary for me to be up to speed on all things mommy. Which is funny because I don't have kids yet and quite enjoy this period of my life where I don't have them. So I play catchup on the Internet, reading articles and blogs and Web sites about anything related to raising little chillens. I guess it's also good practice for The Future.

At first, I was completely freaked out about all of the diseases and disorders that can affect a kid at every single stage of a mom's pregnancy and all the way through childhood. You would think, according to news reports, it's a miracle that any of us live to see 21. Apparently, anything you eat or do while pregnant can kill/maim your baby, and once she's born anything you say or do anywhere in her vicinity that doesn't kill/maim her will scar her for life and turn her into a raging psychopath.

This is not to make light of people who do have children with disabilities, but to highlight this fact: Reading too much on the Internet about something people take as seriously as parenting will scare the living daylights out of you.

Once I quit freaking out that my future children are going to be diagnosed with early-onset bipolar disorder at age 3 and jump out of windows or that I'm going to drink more than my allotted 8 oz of coffee a day and give my future baby brain damage, I got more selective in my reading.

And found the world of mommy bloggers.

Now, those of you without kids are thinking, 'wow, those must be some boring blogs.' And you would be 75% right. But the other 25%, the ones written by writers-who-happen-to-be-moms, are hysterical, or at least touching in a non-overly-sentimental way. (And BTW, the bloggers I encounter all seem to be located in the Pacific Northwest. Haven't found one from the South yet. I'm not sure why this is. It's not like we haven't discovered computers here.)

These are a few of my favs:
- Da Momma (she is funny and irreverent, though she's unfortunately going on temporary hiatus. She's also got a book, which looks perfect for moms who don't take themselves too seriously)
-Suburban Turmoil
-Baby On Bored
-The Parenting Post

While most of the stuff they write about is about 80% not relevant to me, good writing is still good writing and I like reading it. Plus if I do it at work, I can justify it as research.

On another note, I actually brought my laptop when I went on my Friday Morning Starbucks Run but, typically, left the house too late to have enough time at Starbucks to work on the novel. Plus there were a million people there ordering complicated drinks so it took a while to get my tall vanilla non-fat latte.

I do have high hopes for writing this weekend, though. My main characters have been stuck in the same underground secret lair for about two months, so it would be nice of me to let them out.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

I think with parenting, it is something that it's better not to know too much going in. Is it worth it? Yes, but there are days when you question it.

Here is a good version of how things change with each child. I have three, so I can tell you this is pretty accurate.

Jessica Eastman said...

Hey! One of my favorite blogs (it's a mommy blog) is She's from the South, but she lives in Utah now.