Monday, June 16, 2008

Progress Report: writing, C-; running, B+

I know this is supposed to be a blog about writing. Where is the writing? you ask. Where's the frustration over plot points? The overzealous grammar talk? The misplaced red herrings? The suspects? The dead bodies? The murder weapons??

I share your frustration. I also would like to see all of these things back in the blog. The problem is...that I haven't done any writing recently. I know! How am I supposed to be a published novelist if I can't keep noveling on a regular schedule?

My (lame) excuse is that my time is otherwise occupied with the following: work (8 hrs out of the day!), sleep (7 hrs), hanging out with JB and/or being lazy(4-5 hrs), watching episodes of The Office (2+ hrs), running/workout (1 hr), cooking dinner (45 min).

Yeah...I can see where there would be some room for noveling in there. So another Novel Update is coming soon, I promise.

In other news, I ran for nearly a full eight minutes straight today! This morning's average was about 5ish minutes of running at a time, though. But it's a major accomplishment since I was running about 3 1/2 minutes average last week and not at all a few weeks before that. I've set as my goal a 5K in October. It benefits breast cancer research and has a fantastic atmosphere--extremely supportive, non-judgmental and really fun. I walked it last year and I'm determined to run it this year.

The main thing that gets me through my runs right now is my iPod. My playlist is pretty killer. It's got lots of alternative rock, which I finally realized is the only thing that really keeps me motivated. R&B? not so much. Country? Forget it. Although I do get pumped by cheesy girl-power pop from the mid-90s...

Here's a taste of what's on my workout playlist right now:

"Troublemaker", "Everybody Get Dangerous" -- Weezer
"Monkey Wrench", "Everlong" -- Foo Fighters
"Beat It" -- Fall Out Boy feat. John Mayer
"Guilty Pleasure" -- Cobra Starship
"Let's Dance to Joy Division" -- The Wombats
"Higher Ground", "Get on Top" -- Red Hot Chili Peppers
"Perfect Day" -- Hoku
"Cosmic Girl", "Canned Heat" -- Jamiroquai
"Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" -- MIKA
"Watch Me Shine" -- Joanna Pacitti

I'd love to hear what you guys like and any pump-it-up suggestions!

P.S. Lance Armstrong came on my iPod at the end of my workout today and congratulated me for my longest workout yet--56:09. Thanks, Lance.

P.P.S. I wore a pair of my old size-12 jeans this weekend--and looked hott. Thanks, running.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Nice job with the running. I've found that with both running and writing, the first step is the hardest. Once you get out and run for a minute or two, it's easy to keep right on going. With writing, if I sit down and get that first sentence written, I can keep right on going.

Good luck with the first step of both.

Casey said...

Awesome job! Can't wait to have another running buddy this October in the race. If you ever need motivation to run, feel free to come get Cherokee. He'll drag you all over the place (whether you want to run or not).