Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some running inspiration

"Workouts are like brushing my teeth; I don't think about them, I just do them. The decision has already been made."
-- Patti Sue Plumer, U.S, Olympian

Man, would I love to get to that point in my mindset. Right now my basic philosophy is that if I miss one weekday, I'll backslide and start inventing new and creative excuses for not working out. (This philosophy developed from years of experience with that sort of thing.) So right now I'm just trying to spare myself the extra mental dialogue.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Congratulations on taking up running. It's addictive, so be careful.

I've enjoyed reading through your posts. Good luck on your first draft. Keep at it.

John - Chapteread said...

A great running companion is your mp3 player with either an audio book or music. It's a great way to get more reading done and keep running!