Tuesday, July 01, 2008

good day

Reasons why today is a good day:

1. Found out at WW last night that I've now lost 20 lbs since the end of March! yeehaw
2. This weekend is vacation trip to Williamsburg; it will be awesome. (and awesomely hot) (and extremely patriotic. At noon on Friday we're going to hear the Declaration of Independence read. I'm told there will be fifes, drums and cannon fire. I'm a sucker for cannon fire.)
3. I'm wearing a bright pink Isaac Mizrahi dress today that I got on sale at Target for $24. I added a preppy striped scarf-tie belt to cinch the waist and make it a little less Legally Blonde/My-Size Barbie. Gotta watch those things when you have blonde hair. But overall, a nice look. Plus I love pink.
4. During my morning run/walk/jog yesterday, I ran/jogged for 7 minutes straight, walked for a couple minutes and then ran/jogged for 7 more minutes straight! The rest of my run segments that morning were not so long, but this is an improvement over the past couple of weeks, for sure.
5. Discovered these shoes on the Anthropologie Web site. I'm smitten. I'd post a pic to prettify this blog entry but I can't get one to save to the computer. gah.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Congratulations on the WW news and the running. Looks like you are making great progress.

As for the clothing and shoes, I'll leave that up to bloggers who are more knowledgable about such things...I certainly am not.

cerrissa said...

those shoes are sooooo u AC :) i miss u!!!!!! hope u had a happy 4th of july!