Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello, my name is Tegwin

Brangelina's kids have sparked a whole new round of baby name games. Most people are very particular about which names are beautiful and which are atrocious. I'm no different and baby naming is fascinating, so I've been clicking around online.

Visit this site; it is a hysterically funny compilation of actual posts on baby-naming boards. I could read it for hours.

My personal faves:
Acenzion (Ascension?)
Kellyna Nychole ("y"-ikes)
Tierrainney (Tyranny?)
Elliot Ness (he's untouchable)

These were posted by actual people who were giving birth to real babies who are stuck with these names forever. And I've also got to gripe about parents giving kids moderately normal (albeit overused) names like Madison, except spelling them Madysyn or Maddisynne some other atrocious variation. This does not make the kid unique and she'll be correcting people the rest of her life. Give her a break, already!

My two cents: a clean, beautiful name lets a kid stand out on her own merit. Jane or Kate is going to be taken more seriously than Ambria Shailyn. Maybe I'm old-fashioned.

I have a double name that I love. It was unique as I was growing up, and also very Southern, but both of my names are extremely normal. Though now the double-name thing is growing in popularity, especially in my neck of the woods. I don't think I'm going the double-name route with my own kids; a family of double-namers is just a little too cute for my taste.

In case you're curious, here are our future baby name possibilities:
Amelia Jane (Amelia)
Vivian Charlotte (Vivi)
William Elliott (Will)

Boys' names are harder to come up with. And it's kind of silly, but the girls' middle names are two of my favorite authors. But I was discreet. (No J.K. Rowling Vollers here). The boy's name is my great-grandfather's.

P.S. I gotta admit: I have a secret love for the name Constance. I'd never name my daughter that but I like it anyway. What are some of your fav names or secretly favorite names?


shannon said...

My mom taught a kid once named Harry Orange. HAH! And okay, Vivian Charlotte/Vivi is the cutest thing I've ever heard. Nathan and I are set on Georgia May for our first girl. :)

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

I agree with you on the baby naming craze (or crazy). My wife and I are traditionalists with names, as evidenced by three boys named Matthew, Jonathon and Christopher. About as classic as names get.

We had a love for the name Nathaniel. I'm not sure why we never used it since we had three boys, but it just didn't happen. The forever unused girls name we had was Rebecca, so instead she got a prominent place in my current novel.

Becky said...

My favorite names are:

Reese Anne (Reese is a combo of my sister's - and my - names. Rebecca, Elizabeth, Ellen, Susan, and an 'e' for good measure. Anne is my mom's middle name).

Charlotte Kaye (I would call her Charlie. Just love this name. Kaye is my MIL's middle name).

Cohen or Cowen Paul (Cowen is Irish for twin and hubby is a twin, Paul is my late father's name).

That's all the ideas I have! Maybe that means I'm meant to have 2 girls and a boy.
:) Becky

cerrissa said...

my girl name is Vivian too!! great minds think alike :) i think most girl names with "v"'s are beautiful: Violet, Victoria, etc.

i feel like i might be the person making up the crazy names for the babies. do u remember my obsession with naming my kid Pinkerton? maybe a bad choice ;) Brick is still up there on the boy name list though.