Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

As promised, some pics from our trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

This is my very favorite. It rained throughout the entire fireworks show, which was somehow still amazing. It was fun being with thousands of rain-soaked people in a place dripping in history, celebrating our nation's birthday with faces turned up toward the rain, oohing and ahhing at a truly fabulous fireworks display.

Now back to the beginning. The fife and drum corps led a procession to the "capitol," where a group of actors representing all walks of colonial life recited the Declaration of Independence at noon on July 4.

JB, the patriot.

Why don't we wear hats anymore? I love hats.
The reason I'm holding this one on my head is, of course, because my head is too big for it. I have a giant head.

Then Jeff got arrested and put in the stocks. It was a wild and crazy weekend.

So I had to go and join the Mennonites.

Also, I wish everyone wore red capes. (Can you tell we had fun in the dress-up area? We were trying to kill time while it rained outside.)

And later, JB got lost in the maze at the Governor's Palace. He didn't seem too bummed about it.

Besides, the next day he got to be BFF with Patrick Henry.

And we saw cannon fire!

I learned how books were made back in the day at the printer's shop. I wonder if they do novels?

And then we acted like adults and did a wine tasting and tour at the Williamsburg Winery. And I discovered there is more to vino than just Chardonnay.

The End.


shannon said...

Look how adorable you are in that hat and that cape and those braids! I'm jealous of your awesome trip and especially the wine tasting...

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Casey said...

Looks like you both had a great time. Love the wide brim hat!