Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I just put up a new blog post. But since I started it a couple of days ago, for some reason it is below the Colin Firth post, even though I technically finished it today and posted it a couple of minutes ago. Gah. Scroll down for today's post, since I am html-illiterate and not sure how to fix this.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

My guess is that you probably started writing the post on the 28th and that's the date it used to post it. I think you can go in and change the date.

Casey said...

Yeah, I was confused as to why blogger did this for a while too. You can actually change the date and time a posting is "posted" by clicking on 'Post Options' just below where you type your blog body. When you click on 'Post Options', a light gray box will drop down that shows the Post date and time that you can edit (back up the date or create a post that won't show up for a couple of days in advance).