Monday, August 25, 2008

Channeling the King

Sadly, my PB & J strappy sandals did not work out. They're in a box on their merry way back to Piperlime, where hopefully they'll make another girl happy. I was ecstatic when they came in the mail last week, but quickly realized they were not to be. I ordered my usual size, 9 1/2, but my ankles and heels are kind of narrow, and combined with the strappiness of the shoes, I was going to break an ankle if I dared venture out of my house in them. Piperlime has free shipping and returns, but when I got online I found they only had the shoes left in 9 1/2.

Happily, I quickly switched my shoe infatuation to a pair of ... blue suede shoes. Uh huh. ::quick Elvis hip swivel:: Thank you, very much. ::snarl::

They're lovely, they're from Anthropologie, they're dark blue suede rounded-toe pumps with foot-friendly 2-inch heels. And they show lots of toe cleavage. And they came in the mail Saturday! I was wearing them at the office today until I went home for lunch and it started monsooning outside. So I'll have to post a pic of my blue-suede-shoe-clad tootsies another day. Sniff.

In other clothing-related news, I discovered this weekend that none of my jeans fit. They're all too baggy. It's a nice problem to have, I'm not complaining (well, ok I'm complaining) but it makes it hard to find stuff in my closet that looks good on. I spent a good 40 minutes trying to find something to wear to a house party this weekend...I wasn't satisfied with any of it. Although my new yellow ruffled mary jane flats from Target helped my mood a bit. (BTW, blogger is not letting me post pics, which means you'll have to ogle the shoes through the links, if you're so inclined.)

I did fit into a pair of size-10 jeans at Banana Republic last weekend, though. (Hello, high school size! How I've missed you.) I know BR jeans run a bit bigger than jeans at other stores, but I take the positive where I can get it. I didn't buy them at the time, but after this weekend, a return trip is probably in order.

All the non-fitting clothes are likely the victims of the 5K training. We were supposed to have a group run tonight, but thanks to remnants of Hurricane Fay, the aforementioned monsoon has canceled it. S'ok, though. I did my run this morning and clocked 22 minutes of non-stop running, about 1.8 miles. BTW, I've been running on a nearby greenway trail where I almost always pass a man walking his dog who looks exactly like Eisenhower (the man does, not the dog.) He probably thinks I look exactly like someone who is going to keel over and die from exertion, but early-morning runs are not a time when any of us are at our most attractive. I've made peace with it. And Mr. Eisenhower always smiles and says hi to me as we pass, which means he's either super nice and not shocked by appearances, or has glaucoma. I like to think it's the first one.

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