Thursday, August 14, 2008

A shoe conundrum -- Fall Edition

I'm trying to decide what my first autumn shoe purchase should be. I'm on a budget, so buying 3 pairs of fab shoes at one time is not in the cards at the moment. Here's what I'm lusting after so far:

I've wanted a great pair of boots for FOREVER. I think I'm sold on flat, brown ones with a slightly worn-in look. These are the Heath Outside Zip boots by Frye. At $278 (on Piperlime) these particular beauties are headed out of my price range, but you get the idea. I'd pair 'em with jeans, skirts and casual flowy dresses. The downside is they're not office-appropriate. But I make the "can't wear them to work" excuse all the time and don't buy half the things I see in stores that I love. Consequently, I have a dearth of cute weekend wear. Plus if I invested in a good pair, I'd keep them for year because I don't think these things will ever go too far out of style.

I've mentioned before how much I've been wanting a pair of vintage-y or spectator-style mary janes for fall. These After Dinner T-Straps are from Anthropologie. If I ever get rich, I'm going to just buy that entire store. A pair like this would certainly be work-appropriate, although most of my fall/winter clothes are black. I might want to stick with something similar in a black-friendly color.

Then there are oxford-style booties (hate that word) practically everywhere. I like a lot of them, especially the ones with spectator-style details or ribbons (like above) but...I don't know. These are Zanzibar oxfords by Max Studio at Piperlime. The thing is, it might be hard to find things to wear with them and look semi-normal, especially down here in the South. Plus I'm not a major fashion risk-taker and it would take a special kind of outfit to pull them off.And then...there are THESE. They're calling my name. The color is gorgeous and the suede flowers appeal to my ridiculously girly preferences in shoes. These City Siren Heels from Anthropologie are $168 but the worst news is that my size isn't avialable until November, according to the Web site.

Aaarrggh. Blehhrrggh. I'm drowning in woe.

Although the big flowers and bright color might make these shoes 'a bit much,' as my mom would say, I still think they're completely me. Plus they'd go with anything and I think they're appropriate year-round.
I welcome any comments or suggestions. Please help me make up my crazy mind.

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shannon said...

I LOVE the boots and I LOVE the red heels!!