Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sweet Harriet tat

OMG. And I mean OMG in the most 13-year-old-girl-just-saw-Zac-Efron-and-is-texting-her-friends-about-it kind of way. One of the blogs I regularly read had a link to a site called Contrariwise that features pictures of literary tattoos that actual people have gotten. And it's kind of interesting to see what kinds of books and authors have so moved people that they'd ink them on their skin for life. Lots of Alice in Wonderland, Gandhi, etc. And then I saw this:

I almost fell out of my chair. It's an exact copy of one of the illustrations from Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh, my All-Time Favorite Book From Childhood. Not sure it's possible to accurately illustrate my love for this book. I wrote a good chunk of my undergraduate thesis on it. There's no telling how many times I've read it since I discovered it in second grade. I wanted to BE Harriet when I was younger. I had a secret spy notebook and wrote observations about all my schoolmates and everything. I'm more attached to this novel than to probably any other book, including Jane Eyre. My amazing in-laws got me a first edition of Harriet the Spy for Christmas last year and I almost cried.

Anyway. Apparently there's at least one other person on earth who feels the same way about this book. While I'll probably never get a tattoo myself, I gotta admit that a small version of this would be cool. And bizarre. But mostly cool. Ok, actually it would be mostly bizarre. But it's about 1,000,000 times cooler than inking something lame, like a butterfly, on my hip.

What about you? Any favorite books that made a strong impression on you as a child?


Becky said...

I just LOVED "My Side of the Mountain." I was so impressed with Sam Gribley - I could have never lived off the mountains like that - though it seemed so glamorous at the time.

Oh - and "Castle in the Attic" and "Secret Garden" of course.

:) Becky

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

They two that really stuck out for my were "Call of the Wild" by Jack London and "My Side of the Mountain." I actually have a leather-bound version of "Call of the Wild" on my bookshelf.

Michelle said...

Wow, that tattoo website was strange. I kept looking at all the different tattoos like it was a trainwreck. Whole poems and paragraphs from books. I know that I will never feel strongly enough about a book for such extreme measures, but my favourite book as a child was Charlotte's Web. I read it a million and one times and carried it around with me everywhere.