Monday, September 22, 2008


It's the first day of fall, and I'm thrilled. In honor of my most favorite time of the year, here is a list of what I love about fall, in no particular order:

Cooler weather
College football
Using cinnamon candles
Baking for the holidays
Fabulous foliage
Raking leaves (no, really)
Getting cozy with a good book
Seasonal reading (time to put away the beach-read fluff and break out the good stuff)
Craft fairs
The smell of the heater the first time it's turned on in the house
Anticipating Christmas
Comfort food
Decorating the house
Coffee on cool mornings
Seeing family and out-of-town friends more often
A calendar filled with parties, concerts and get-togethers

I'll reluctantly stop there. Something about listing "favorite things" just puts me in an instantly better mood.

Also putting me in a better mood is being just two scenes--one short and one loooong--away from finishing the first draft of my very first novel. Thanks to you guys who added the input on my contest v. agent conundrum. I appreciate it more than you know and I reread your responses more than once this weekend! I'll make a decision soon. Anyone else who wants to weigh in is very, very welcome to do that.

Oh, and my cello's name is Ruby. Thanks for voting ;)

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Anonymous said...

Anticipating Christmas... that has to be my very favorite part of fall. Of course, Duck football is my world during fall but all the while, in the back of my mind, I am planning meals, deciding on a theme for the tree, wondering where I'll hang garland... oh the list goes on and on!

I love fall.