Monday, September 15, 2008

Novel Update

This little author has been busy. I've written more on my novel and I'm in the home stretch! It's only a matter of about 10,000 words until I get to do the big ending, complete with--you guessed it--a burning building. Actually, it's a burning tower. Because why have a harrowing "This Is Why I Did It" speech from your arch villain in a burning building when you can have it in a burning tower? With an open window. Perfect for near-death experiences.

Novel Update
Word count: 63,995
Number of new scenes: 2
Number of yellow bicycles: 1
Number of potentially duplicitous friends: 3 and counting
Mentions of how "tall" and "burly" the leading man is: ummm...20? 50? 100??
Number of newspaper pages that are also clues: 4
Number of coffee shops named The Brown Owl: 1

1 comment:

Chad Aaron Sayban said...

Great job! You are almost there - then you get to start revising. ;-)