Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reviews, and a Novel Update

One of my favorite places for book reviews is A Girl Walks Into a Bookstore. Her name is Katherine, and she reviews a wide range of stuff--and not just newly published, either. Recently she's been doing a good bit of historical fiction and literary mysteries, which are of course my favorites.

She actually reviewed the book I'm reading right now here. Her review was spot-on, and I promise to post my own when I finish it. If I ever finish it. Not a lot of free time right now, which brings me to...

Novel Update, Brought to you by the Number 1
Word count: 73,802
Dark family secrets uncovered: 1
Number of politicians who are going down: 1
Body count: 1 (But one more is in a coma. That's exciting, right?...right?)
Scenes left to write: 1!! But it's a biggie. Get ready for burning towers and villains revealed. And the singing of the Confederate anthem.

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