Friday, October 31, 2008


JB and I are going to be Dwight and Angela from The Office for Halloween.

We're total latecomers because we just started watching the show last season, then promptly borrowed every season on DVD from some friends of ours. We spent hours, literally, watching episodes back to back. (Now that we only get to watch one new episode a week, I get so frustrated!) I think Dwight is hands-down the funniest character on the show. And his relationship (or lack of it) with Angela is so funny--can't wait for them to get back together.

As I was pulling together my costume for the Halloween parties we're attending, I had a revelation: I kind of dress like Angela already.

I mean, she's got some cute outfits, but she's so buttoned up. I try not to be. Plus I like to wear, you know, color. But she does love cats. I love cats. She's religious. I'm religious. Her hair is blonde. My hair is blonde. Yikes. But let me state right now that I do not like posters of babies playing instruments (see above).

Luckily, JB does not look anything like Dwight.

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Mary B said...

Yay for costumes and yay for NaNo! I'm glad you're in!