Monday, October 13, 2008

Kill Hill

Yesterday was the test run for the 5K I'm running next Saturday.

It beat my butt.

You know how I was feeling good because I could run 3.1 miles without stopping? I failed to appreciate that I'd been running an extremely flat course. And the race course has hills.

Well, not hills, per se. More like inclines, really. But for me they might as well have been the Alps. I practically needed my own sherpa.

During the run, I took two walk breaks. Two!! They were less than a minute each, but I was kinda disgusted. Plus I was running with a new friend I've met through our 5K training group. She's completely awesome, a newbie runner like me, but she's usually a bit faster. She and I ran together (at my snail pace), and I have a feeling she wouldn't have needed to stop and walk. But I did, and felt bad about it.

She was absolutely so nice about stopping to walk, and supportive, and positive, and generally fabulous. I actually think she'd make a great running coach. She even urged me to pick up the pace as we ran the last few tenths of a mile downhill, and I think we finished in something like 38 minutes. Which isn't terrible...but I think a group that was running 8-and-1s (run 8 minutes, walk 1 minute) was actually faster than we were.

I have a group run tonight on a flat route, which I fully intend to run without stopping. But now I'm worried about the race. My one goal was just to run the whole thing, but that's looking less and less likely. Darn.

So, new plan. I'm hoping to need just one SHORT walk break on Saturday. There's a place in the course where you start running uphill, and then turn left on a street and it's more uphill. If I walk part of that, I think I might be able to run the rest of it.

Plus, as my friend pointed out, this is just my first race. Baby steps, people. We're planning to do a few more 5Ks over the next couple of months, and if it gets easier, possibly sign up for the 10K training program this spring. I KNOW. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. Particularly since I'm not as full of running fabulosity as I thought I was.

But I love the way I feel after I run, and I love how it helps me lose weight. So I think...I'm in this for the long haul.


Casey said...

Just wait, you'll be amazed at what the energy of everyone around you can do to make you run the whole thing! You can do it!

Rickelle said...

I'm impressed you can run with only 2 breaks! I'm a long ways from being that fit but I'm working on it! I'm sure you've heard of him, but if not, I think you'd love Hal Higdon. He's a very famous runner and journalist. Perfect for you!