Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Novel Update, Penultimate Edition

Yikes. November is on Saturday. This fills me with fear because that's the rough draft deadline I gave myself. And I still have the entire ending scene to write (burning tower, meet the villain, yadda yadda). I really have been working on my novel this week, but other scenes keep cropping up that just have to be written so the ending will make sense.

And the ending still may not make sense.

So here's a Novel Update, hopefully the last one before the draft is complete.

Novel Update, Penultimate Edition
Word count: 81, 588
Number of new scenes added so the ending will make sense: 7 (I KNOW)
Number of new tunnels discovered: 1
Number of kisses: 2.5
Number of scenes I just remembered at this moment I forgot to write: 1 (oh crap)
Number of tires slashed: 2
Death/Injury toll: 1 dead, 1 in a coma, and 2 in imminent danger

I had hoped to do NaNoWriMo this year to get me jumpstarted on the next book, not sure it's going to happen. Maybe if I get the draft done and through the first edit, I can pass it off to my wonderful critiquers and work on the next book while they spend hours of their life they'll never get back reading what could possibly be the worst book ever written.

That, or it's freaking awesome. I vacillate between the two. This week, it's the first one.

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