Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stupid guys in passing cars

Last night was my last group run with my 5K training program. We did about 3.5 miles on a flat route...and I needed a walk break. A walk break, for the love! I think I'm actually regressing in anticipation of my very first race this Saturday. Please just look for me at the back of the pack with the little old ladies and their walkers.

Plus, our route was on a sidewalk along a busy street for about the last mile, so needless to say, our long line of runners was getting cat calls. While on that stretch, I let my running friend go ahead as I took my 30-second walk break. As I started running again, I'm positive I heard some guy in a passing car yell, "Hey fat a**!" Yeesh. Way to tear a girl's heart out.

One of my coaches said a huge percent of doing your best during a race is mental, anyway. Time for me to quit whining and get my (fat?) bootay in gear.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Don't worry about the cat-call losers. The only people who do that are people with no self-worth who get tired lifting the remote control. Their opinion doesn't matter.

Good luck with your first 5k. Just start out nice and easy and enjoy every minute of your first race. Trust me, you will be hooked afterward.

shannon said...

Don't let those turds get to you. For one, I am a fata**, not you - you're the one who's been losing tons of weight and you look AWESOME! Secondly, you have a husband at home who I'm sure agrees with me. And thirdly, they are big fat turds.