Friday, October 03, 2008

What you've been eagerly awaiting

Yet more vindication for my "There are only 30 British actors in the whole world" theory. If you're unfamiliar with this groundbreaking new idea, please see my previous posts here and here.

We watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (obviously from my Netflix queue; JB wouldn't put it on his in a million years but agreed to watch anyway) and it was absolutely adorable. I love, love, loved it. Rent it now, especially if you want something frothy and fun. JB even thought it was ok despite its lack of aliens, zombies or things that explode.

I don't know if it's what you would call a British movie, exactly, but it takes place in London and most of the characters are supposed to be British, and it's an adaptation of a British novel. That's all I need to hear before I want to watch it.

Now it's time to add to the mounting evidence that there are, indeed, only 30 British actors in the whole world. If you don't enjoy obsessing over British period films, I'd stop reading right now if I were you.

In Miss Pettigrew, Ciaran Hinds plays Joe, Miss Pettigrew's love interest. I'll pause now to mention how much I adore him. And wonder how he pronounces his name. Ok. He played Mr. Rochester in the 1997 adaptation of Jane Eyre and Captain Wentworth in the 1995 adaptation of Persuasion. He was also Firmin in the movie of Phantom of the Opera, and in other random movies like Munich and There Will Be Blood.

Shirley Henderson: you don't recognize her name, but I guarantee you'd recognize her in a movie. She played Edythe in Miss Pettigrew, but was also one of Bridget's best friends (the one who didn't say the F-bomb all the time) in the Bridget Jones movies (British, and based on a British novel, so they count). Plus she's Moaning Myrtle in the Harry Potter movies.

Christina Cole played Charlotte Warren. She was Blanche Ingram in the newest BBC Jane Eyre adaptation, plays Caroline Bingley in some kind of miniseries called Lost in Austen, and oddly enough was the evil Clarissa in the Amanda Bynes movie What a Girl Wants (the lovely Colin Firth is the only reason I saw that movie).

The guy who played skeezy Phil looks like a prime candidate to become one of Britain's 30 actors (once one of them dies, of course. There are only 30). His name is Tom Payne, and while I haven't seen him in anything else, IMDB says he's just wrapped up his role of Linton Heathcliff for an upcoming TV version of Wuthering Heights. Oh yeah. I hope he enjoys breeches, 'cause he'll be well-acquainted with them once the period film crowd gets their hands on him.

Ok, and I have to mention Lee Pace. He's not British as far as I know, but he's in Miss Pettigrew and I adore him because he's in the completely fab TV show Pushing Daisies.

And that concludes this installment. Don't worry; Daniel Deronda and Bleak House are on the queue (JB is planning his escape right now) so I will be presenting further evidence in the near future.

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Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I really think your theory has merit. In fact, I'm not sure there are that many. ;-)