Monday, November 24, 2008

I don't know what a mage is

I probably shouldn't worry about this--people always say "write what you like to read"--but last week I read this post on one of my favorite literary agent blogs, Pub Rants.

And I'm kinda concerned.

In the post, Agent Kristin lists the notes she made while talking to book editors in NYC about what they're currently wanting for YA fiction.


None of these things describes my novel. Seriously, not one. I don't read paranormal or fantasy--it's just not my cup of tea, generally. (Exceptions made for Harry Potter and sort of for Twilight.) And I know I wouldn't be happy writing it.

Dark and gritty? C'mon. I'm about as blonde and fluffy as they come.

To be fair, that's not all Agent Kristin listed. Editors apparently also want Meg Cabot-type stuff and literary fiction. And family-oriented stories. And stories where the female protagonist makes bad choices. And "voice and character-driven fiction," which Kristin pointed out is really what all editors want anyway.

My book has elements of some of what's in the above paragraph. But it still seems like in the YA publishing world, the paranormal/fantasy thing is going reeeeally strong. Which is a good thing for my paranormal/fantasy writer friends. Not so much for me.

Done whining. Thanks for listening.

In other's almost Thanksgiving! I need that 5K just to run off the excess bread and pasta I've been incapable of turning down the past couple of days. But who, really, can turn down a good piece of bread? I love bread. LOVE it. I lurve it. I'd marry it if I weren't already married.

I think it has developed a close relationship with my hips, though. It seems to settle there more often than not.

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