Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Julie v. Zac Smackdown!

I saw the first High School Musical on TV and thought it was cute. Then I saw the second. And Zac Efron danced on a golf course and it was reeeeeally awkward. Like, I was embarassed for him, and felt sorry that the directors made him do an uber-cheesy dance by himself on a golf course.

And I'm just meh about the third movie coming out (is it already out?). But all of this is to preface the awesome YouTube mashup below of the uncomfortable golf course scene with Julie Andrews' "The Sound of Music." It's eerie how well they coordinate. Eerie.

Somehow Julie managed to nail singing/dancing by herself in a grassy area and turn it into one of the most recognizable movie scenes ever, and Zac Efron just made me squirm in my seat with embarassment.

P.S. Not trying to hate on Zac Efron. The kid is talented--Hairspray was a fab movie and he was great in it. All the teenage girls I know think he's SUPER HOT. But I still laughed my face off when I saw this video.

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Becky said...

Okay, that was Seriously Hilarious.
I laughed out loud.
:) Becky