Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Thanksgiving post

I have much to be thankful for--so much that I could never list it all and won't try to do it here. And while I have all of my loved ones, and everyone is healthy, I know it won't necessarily be that way on future Thanksgivings. I'm truly thankful and and feel blessed for everything I have.

In the interest of not getting mushy here (and I could get waaaay more mushy) I'll transition to cheesey instead and discuss Christmas music on the radio again.

My local light rock radio station--the one that switches to all Christmas, all the time from Thanksgiving through Christmas--has a link on its Web site to where you can stream Christmas music on your computer. They have different Christmas "channels" too, so if all you want is classical or country or whatever, it's there.

Unfortunately, they don't have a "Popular Christmas Music That Doesn't Reek" channel.

The truly wonderful thing about streaming Christmas music is, unlike the radio, you can skip the songs you don't like. For instance, a second ago I skipped Bob Seger singing "Little Drummer Boy." Blech. My sister hates that song no matter who sings it, and I'm starting to agree with her.

One person I never skip is Karen Carpenter. She's fabulous. It's sad that she passed away and isn't around to sing Christmas favorites in her lovely and soothing voice, while other folky 70s singers continue to annoy us with whiny nasal versions of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." Yes, James Taylor, I'm talking to you. Please stick to your regular music.

My friend Casey mentioned in the comments how much she loves The Hippopotamus Song. I love that song, too. It's so fabulously grating...yet whimsical. I googled the singer, Gayla Peevey, last year to see if she was a little person or just had a weird voice.

She's a child--or was in the 1950s. And had a weird voice. This is her:

Anyone else think the hippo is creepy? I imagine it saying "C'mere little girl, I'm gonna eatcha!" like Fat B in the Austin Powers movies.

Veering back on topic now: I hope you have a fabulously fabulous Thanksgiving, surrounded by all the ones you're thankful for.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I have an XM radio and there are several different Christmas channels this time of the year, which makes it nice. No commercials either.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tracy Marchini said...

I had Pandora on in the office today and they played a lot of Reliant K's Christmas album - "Let it snow... let it reindeer." It was great!

Happy Thanksgiving!

TerriRainer said...

I think the hippy looks like it's been partaking of the wacky weed...notice the half closed eyes and the way the mouth hangs open, waiting on food!

Run little girl, run!

:) Terri