Monday, December 08, 2008

Axes and jingle bells

Christmas cantata was a success last night. JB and I got a bunch of audience laughs out of my God Squad stalker scene, especially when he had a line where he told me he hadn't found the girl of his dreams yet. Get it? 'Cause we're married in real life? Ha ha ha ha...ha.

Plus our friend actually did carry an axe during the car breakdown scene--it was a scream. And by scream I mean funny, not "holy night, he's gonna hack that guy up."

We ran the Jingle Bell 5K on Friday night and...I knocked another couple of minutes off my time! I came in at 34:13 and was pumped about it. My running group totally rocked the Vixen shirts.

JB ran his best time, too. Here's JB and me before the run. Did I mention it was freezing?

Y'know, if my red nose and three layers of clothing didn't give it away. We all went out for Mexican food afterward and it was DELICIOUS. Surely running most of a 5K burned off the 498 baskets of chips and salsa I consumed, right? Right??


Jill Wheeler said...

I enjoyed your post over at Nathan's contest. Great opening paragraph!

Rickelle said...

Congrats again! JB's rockin' the Auburn look,too! When I run in the cold, my nose is running and my eyes are watering the whole time...any tips?