Friday, December 12, 2008

It's not a made-for-TV Christmas movie without...woodworking and homeless people

I was going to post about my guilty-pleasure obsession with cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movies, and what plot devices constitute a good made-for-TV Christmas movie. But Alicia Paulson at Posie Gets Cosy has already done so, with perfect aplomb.

So I'll just give you some highlights.

We watched The Christmas Card Sunday night. Love this one--I can't help it. Includes: a soldier, a family business in need of helping, an obviously-wrong-for-you boyfriend who gets kicked to the curb Christmas Eve, a quaint small town, a sleigh ride, woodworking, crazy matchmaking relatives, a man without a family, church scenes with vague Jesus references, and a kiss prompted by the old we-accidentally-fell-on-the-ice-and-you-landed-on-top-of-me trick.

I'm also a fan of Fallen Angel starring Gary Sinise. He makes any movie better. This one includes a man without a family who returns to his hometown, which is quaint; homeless people (one is her father! he has a heart of gold!), woodworking, an ailing family business, an old guy who isn't an angel but could have been, a blind girl (!) who doesn't have a father, an adorable dog, a beautiful old house, a long-buried family secret and ice skating.

I saw Finding John Christmas--wasn't so crazy about this one. Includes: homeless guy with a heart of gold, evil corporation, an adorable dog, a long-buried family secret, an old guy who is an angel/benevolent ghost/God who other people can't see, an ex-firefighter and family reconciliation.

The Santa movies starring Steve Guttenberg as Santa's son who looks for a wife made me cringe. I haven't even seen the most recent one. Police Academy was so awesome, Guttie! What happened??

A Season for Miracles is a good one from a few years ago. Includes: homeless family with a heart of gold, quaint town, police officer, beautiful old house, a person/angel other people can't see, woodworking, orphans, kind old ladies.

Moonlight and Mistletoe was ok. It had Candace Cameron from Full House, which made it better. Includes: family business that needs saving, girl returns to her hometown, people with Christmas-style names, quaint town, obviously-wrong-for-her guy, obviously-right-for-her guy, woodworking, evil corporate people.

All I Want for Christmas had the most implausible plot ever. Includes: boy who needs a dad, The Bachelor-style dating scheme, the-obviously-perfect-for-her-neighbor-who's-hot-and-good-with-kids, the obviously-wrong-for-her guy getting dumped near Christmas Eve, homeless people with hearts of gold, church scenes and OH SWEET MOTHER a diamond ring from KAY JEWELERS. Because IT SAYS SO ON THE RING BOX! Ahhhhh.....At least it wasn't from Jared. *Random Tanget Alert: I hate those Jared commercials with a fiery passion. JB is not allowed to get me any jewelry from Jared. Ever.

Anybody have any other cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movie recommendations?


Lizzy said...

I watched A Christmas Card last night too! So cheesy and wonderful all at the same time :)

Didn't you just love their sleigh?! So precious.

I'm glad I'm not the only one watching Fa-la-la-la-lifetime!

shannon said...

Haha, I too watched and loved the Christmas Card movie!!

Casey said...

Ditto, I stayed in my jammies the Saturday after Thanksgiving and watched ABC Family Christmas movies, one of which was the Christmas Card. Indeed, a goodie!