Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Miss Scarlet in the drawing room with the piano

If you saw someone wearing this t-shirt, would you think "That's totally awesome and mysterious!" or "Holy crap is that blood on her shirt?! Ewww!"

It's the Murder Mystery Tee from ModCloth, one of my favorite indie clothing sites (tons of retro and vintage-y clothes and accessories). I'm jonesing for this shirt because I love pianos and murder mysteries, and also because it's quirky and my wardrobe needs more quirky.

But I don't want to look like a scary homicidal goth girl. Blood stains are typically not a good fashion statement (unless they're in my novel!). Doesn't it seem, though, like the perfect shirt for an aspiring mystery novelist? No? Yes?

Fashion is so hard sometimes.

And at $28 it's a little pricey for a t-shirt, but I get the ModCloth e-mails with discount coupons, so it'll probably be more affordable in the near future.

Just in case you loathe the above shirt and are scared to visit ModCloth, here's a beautiful dress I'm drooling over:

It's the Secret Society Dress and it's gorgeous.

Uh oh. Do you see a pattern here? Is it possible I'm falling in love with the names of the clothes more than the clothes themselves?? Darn you, ModCloth, and your genius naming system! If you get in a "Nancy Drew Scarf" I'm totally buying it. Ditto a "Secret Agent Blouse," "Mata Hari Jacket" and "Super Spy High Heels."


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

If you wear that shirt you are going to be spending a lot of time trying to explain it to people for sure.

BBJD said...

I'm not sure what I'd think about the piano and blood splotches shirt. I'm pretty sure I'd notice whoever was wearing it, though.

Regarding the dress, it is beautiful. Unfortuately, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the picture was, "She doesn't have any arms." My second thought was, "Is that C-3PO's head?"

I'm guessing it would look great on you. This is assuming, of course, that you have arms and your head doesn't look like C-3PO.

Have a great day!


Lizzy said...

1. The blood stained shirt...hmmm... I am going to go out on a limb and so no way jose. There's just something creepy about having blood, fake or otherwise, on your clothing.

2. The dress, on the otherhand, is outstanding! I love love love it :) It looks a lot like the one the winner wore on Biggest Loser last night. Gorgeous!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! Send em an email when the Nancy Drew scarf comes in. I read all 52 of those books when I was a kid:)

Michelle said...

No way on the bloody piano shirt!

Sarah Von said...

You are not alone in this. I once bought a red leather jacket because it was called something like "Sexy Russian Esbianage."