Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why resolutions are not for you

Nothing like a shiny new year to bring out some optimism. I nearly always make resolutions, which are ... promptly broken by February.

There was lots of stuff I could have done this year and didn't. But New Year's isn't a time to look back over the year and mourn lost opportunities or kick ourselves for being lazy. It's a time to get excited about what we did accomplish--even the small things.

My birthday is so close after the New Year that I kind of mesh the two together in my mind. So as I look back over 2008 (I promise I'll do it quickly) I'm actually pleased with what I accomplished in my 25th year of life:

1. I lost 25 lbs.
2. I finished writing my very first novel
3. I ran my first 5K--and then ran two more
4. I took up the cello
5. I improved my blog and started posting regularly
6. I started a new job that I like much better than my old job (OK technically I started it in Dec. 2007, but I'm counting it here anyway)

It is hard, though, for some people to get excited about accomplishments when they also experienced sadness during the year. Our family certainly had its share of sadness when my wonderful Paw Paw passed away close to Thanksgiving. I guess a part of the looking back we all do this time of year includes the sad things--but also happy things, when I think about all the happy times we spent with him.

But I was talking about resolutions. I'm not sure what I want for my shiny new 26th year.

Ok, that's a lie. I could list a gajillion things I want for 2009, but resolutions are kind of crap. Nothing on that list above got done because of resolutions. Even the weight loss--that's a resolution I have every year (isn't it everybody's?) but I didn't do a thing about it (other than feel guilty for consuming lots of bread and pasta) until finally deciding to join WW in March.

So I'm tagging any bloggers out there (or commenters here) to list what they're proud of accomplishing this past year.

And forget the guilt! The New Year is full of possibilities you haven't even considered yet. I hope everyone has fun tonight. I finally bought this:
and plan to wear it out tonight to celebrate!

I hope you have a fab New Year. Don't forget to brag about all the cool stuff you've accomplished!


BBJD said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments! Well done. They are all worthy of pride.

And congratulations on the dress, too. Enjoy yourself. Be safe. Have a designated driver or call a cab when you're finished partying (assuming you party with alcohol).


Jill Wheeler said...

Wow, congrats on the 25 pounds. WW really is great when you "work the program."

I LOVE the dress. Have a blast tonight.

Kasie West said...

You took up the cello??? Awesome. And I love that dress. Now, nobody has to ask me twice to brag, so here goes. I wrote four books. I thought of two ideas for two more books that I am in the process of writing. I made tons of new blogger friends. I managed to keep my four children healthy and alive in the process without too many incidences that they will retell to a therapist later in life. :) What a great year.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Great dress! Hope it does ya proud tonight. As for 2008, I plan to top every writing stride made and hook a good agent. :)

shannon said...

I LOVE the dress! You are adorable..

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I made a resolution about 10 years ago to not do anymore New Year's resolutions. I've actually managed to keep that one. ;-) I don't like to wait around for the end of the year to decide to do something anyway.

I hope your 2009 recap included having that book of yours published!