Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I do look good in yellow...

I got tagged at the end of last week with a Your Blog is Fabulous Award from author Christy Raedeke over at Juvenescence. Thanks, Christy! She's a real author with a real agent and her real novels are really coming out in 2010 and 2011. Exciting! You can check out her beautiful web site here.

Now on to this award business. I've got to reveal five addictions and tag five others to do the same.

Addictions in no particular order:

1. Notebooks. I've been obsessed with these since elementary school. There's nothing like a fresh, blank page in a notebook. Plus after several years they're hilarious to look back at. In middle school I wrote "novels" with such thrilling titles as "The Governess," "The Dramatists," and "The Time Machine." Unfortunately H.G. Wells thought of that one first. This is the notebook I'm using right now. It's got funky owl illustratons on every page and I love it.

2. Bread. It's the greatest food in the whole history of the world. It doesn't matter what way, shape or form--it's all good. I really could live by bread alone. Dr. Atkins is probably Satan because nobody in his right mind would ban such a marvelous food.

3. Great Britain. The country, the cities (London!), the villages, the people, the accents, the august literary personages, the TV shows that we appropriate, the weird word spellings, the tea, the flag, the fascinating history, Big Ben and the Ferris Wheel, Colin Firth, and even the food. I love it all. And I've never been there. One of my life's great ambitions is to go there and see everyting. I'm positive it's the most amazing place in the world.

4. Glossy magazines. The ones to which I currently subscribe: Lucky (my favorite), Newsweek, Glamour, Southern Living, People StyleWatch, Women's Running. My dad gives me his old Vanity Fair. My aunt randomly got me a subscription to Hallmark Magazine. Recently I scored a pile of Every Day With Rachel Ray and Weight Watchers magazines from a friend. I quit Vogue and Marie Claire, but I'm eyeing Domino and The New Yorker. None of this takes into account JB's subscriptions to Wired, Men's Health and Discover. The madness has got to stop!

5. Shoes. Addiction extends to posting pics of my shoes on the blog. Like these. And these. And these.

And now to pass on this award. It was really hard to narrow down to just five, but I'm tagging these bloggers:

Anette J Kres at Page Me Fantasmic for being an amazing editor and beta reader, a gifted writer and all-around awesome person. Particularly check out her recent posts on Authoress' Hook an Editor contest--really insightful.

Crimogenic, who always has interesting things to say. A recent post about how we write really got me thinking. I had no idea I was "allowed" to not write in chronological order--thanks Crimo :)

Chad Sayban because I think he might have been my first blog follower. But mostly because he's a dedicated writer and runner, which is totally cool.

Becky over at StinkyLemsky. She's been to every single cool place in the world and blogs about it! Also check her sidebar for her wedding story posts--guaranteed to make you smile.

Barrie Summy, who is a MG mystery author. Her awesomely titled novel, I So Don't Do Mysteries, just came out and looks fabulous.


Kaylee said...

I believe you are the only person in history to admit liking British food.

Becky said...

Oh - yay! My first time being tagged. :) Thanks!

Crimogenic said...

Oh gosh, I’m flabbergasted. You rock! You’re definitely allowed to write in whatever way that works the best for you. That’s part of the wonderful, amazing, sometimes crazy mind of a writer.

On to...BREAD... mmmmm one of the best foods invented, or discovered, whichever. There isn’t a bread I don't like. Also I’m partial to the French Baguette. Nice and crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. OK, must stop now.

Also, about all things British. I have had a fake English accent since the first Harry Potter came out. Enough said.

Leon Basin said...

Great blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. How are you doing?

Fran said...

So, what are you saying? That all of us who are struggling over our characters, watching our word counts, revising, proofing, querying, and all the blood, sweat and tears involved in that, are not REAL writers?

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Thank you so much for the shout out...

...and I will endeavor to remain cool.

Michelle said...

Great Britain is one of your addictions! I love it. I always wanted to see England as well, but I'd never considered it at all, even after I got involved in a long distance relationship with somebody from England. Then one day he said to me 'move to England with me' and my whole world started spinning in a different direction! Almost 9 years later and I'm a bit 'meh' about it all :)
Congrats on the award!