Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Query thanks, plus why JB doesn't like Pride & Prejudice

Wow, guys. I'm grateful for your comments on the queries yesterday. You were absolutely right, and I've already started tweaking the query with your suggestions. And thanks to Bevie and Kiersten, I grew a backbone and submitted Query 2 to Evil Editor. It's on the lineup, with just four queries in front of it. I can't wait for the shredding to begin ;)

Now for a change of pace (and to illustrate the vast chasm between JB's movie tastes and mine) here is a Gmail chat conversation between JB and me while I was at work yesterday:

(Background: JB [my hubby] is on a year-long sabbatical from work in order to take classes toward his master's degree in aerospace engineering, so he's at home a lot during the day. His work is paying him to do this--I know, not fair. But it does leave him time to catch up on Netflix movies.)

JB: Is it okay if I watch "Next" without you?
Me: Yeah. what is that?
JB: It's got Nicolas Cage in it and he can see like 5 minutes into the future or something
Me: oh. yeah go ahead and watch that without me. Now if Colin Firth could see five minutes in the future, that would be a different story.
JB: He would see me kicking him in the butt.


Chad Sayban said...

It sounds a lot like my wife and I trying to decide on a movie. That is one place where we don't see eye-to-eye.

Justus M. Bowman said...

JB=Jeff...gotcha. RSS feed only showed me part of the title.

I thought I'd done gone and got famous!! ;)

BBJD said...

"I grew a backbone and submitted Query 2 to Evil Editor."

That's great! I hope you get lots and lots of help.


Oh, and I keep tissues handy when I read my critiques. (Just kidding. [grin])

Hillary Dunham said...

Hi Anna Claire,
I found your blog, too, and it's great! I love the header- adorable.
My vote below was for #2. I didn't read the other comments, but it looks like that's what you submitted. That's very brave of you!
And I am just getting on the twitter bandwagon, but I don't know many other people that are on there. I know they import from big e-mail account groups (that I don't have an account with), but besides searching, is there another way to find people? Something like facebook groups?
So sorry to ramble in your comments section!

Lenore said...

So funny!! I have to read your conversation to my husband right after he finished his daily drawing (he claims he can't do two things at once).