Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today has been a good day. Check my twitter post on the sidebar for more; otherwise I've determined not to post details about the novel querying process because possibly it looks tacky and otherwise just seems like not the best idea.

But for some reason I'm not as cagey about Twitter.

And in the course of my agent research I've found several good agents who are on Twitter. I want to follow them. But if I sent them a query and then follow them, I don't want them to think I'm following them on Twitter just so they'll notice me. (Like they'd even remember, but I've chosen to be overanxious about this.) Seems kind of tacky. But I still want to follow them because I'm an unpubbed novelist and anything a literary agent does or says is SUPER FASCINATING.

In the spirit of Twitter-stalking agents, here are two lists of agents and publishing peeps who Twitter: here and an even longer one. At least this way you can find interesting agents to follow on Twitter long before you ever query them. Yanno, so you'll look less like a stalker.

Ok now I feel like that crazy girl on the Bachelor who kept telling Jason the Bachelor over and over that she wasn't a stalker (between reciting the name of his brother's fiancee and his dog's mom's uncle once removed). Because if you have to say it, you probably are. So I'm going to stop writing now.


Crimogenic said...

Super Fantastic News, Missy. First request. That's cool. Continue on dancing around in the kitchen.

Um.. I'm ashame to say I really still don't get twitter and I don't know the purpose of following it. Plus, I barely can keep up with my blog. Boy, I feel old :)

Best of luck with your request. I know you won't put up news on your blog, but I will definitely try keep up with your twitter feed to get the latest. :)

Bevie said...

Until you know the names of their brothers' fiances and their dogs' moms' uncles (once remmoved), you're not stalking. [smiles]

I'm afraid I'm with Crimogenic. I can't follow Twitter. Someone else's blog pointed to it because she was going to do most of her posting there. Couldn't find anything and got frustrated. I prefer blogs. Simple things for the simple mind. (I don't just feel old. I am old.)

Fran said...

Thanks for the information, AC.

VERY useful.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was talking (sort of) with someone on twitter the other day, and it wasn't until a ways through it that I realised it was someone I'd recently submitted to. I'm not sure she realised it either! I think it's fine as long as you don't ask them about work or try to "skip ahead in line".

I've never heard of anyone on Twitter who doesn't like more followers!