Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy and myopic

(My planner at work)

I've dropped off the blog planet for the past few days. Super busy at work, blah blah blah. I see other bloggers bemoaning the same thing on blogs I frequent (though I haven't been as frequent this week unfortunately) so at least I'm in good company.

I'm taking time out from interviewing NASA engineers (don't ask) to vent a little bit. I'll return to regular upbeat programming tomorrow. Hopefully.

Whine Part I: My brain has been on such overload I don't even know what day it is. On Tuesday, I was sitting in the waiting room at the optometrist and checking the news on my Blackberry (by holding it a few inches from my face, since I'd already had to take out my contacts and I'm practically blind without them) I turned to the girl sitting next to me, asking incredulously: "It is Mardi Gras today?"

She might have given me a funny look; I'm not sure because her face was just a soft blur with two dark spots for eyes. But she said it was, and I felt kinda sad since in the past I might have celebrated in some way. Also it just occured to me that now we're in lent, and even though I'm not Catholic I usually give up something for lent--and I haven't even thought about it.

Whine Part Deux: My eyes are worse than they were a year ago (this happens every year but I'm always surprised and anguished when it does). Before the Mardi Gras incident, the nurse had taken me back to a room and done the usual diagnostic eye tests, including the one where I had to cover each eye, one at a time, and try to read rows of letters projected high on the opposite wall.

When it was time to do it without contacts, I covered the right eye and she asked me to read the smallest row I could. Nothing. There might as well have been nothing there. That was the last thing she had me do, and when I stood up and moved closer, I realized I'd just been looking at a giant E filling the projection spot. Easily almost a foot tall, but I couldn't see it. Gah.

In other, better news, I got Deanna Raybourn's new Lady Julia book, Silent on the Moor, in the mail yesterday and I've been devouring it. It's fabulous, of course, and it's got a little bit of a Wuthering Heights thing going on, which is awesome. I'll post a proper review when I'm finished.

If you're a lucky duck with a Kindle, this week only, Raybourn's first Lady Julia book, Silent in the Grave -- which is also awesome and made me fall in love with her books -- is available as a free download. A FREE DOWNLOAD OF A BOOK THAT IS ACTUALLY AWESOME. This kind of deal doesn't come along often, so get it while it's hot! And free. If you like historical romances and/or mysteries, you will love it. Love, love.

Also while I'm being her temporary one-woman fan club, go check out her gorgeous new Web site. I don't usually like using food adjectives to describe non-food nouns, but the site is delicious. Seriously. The art is just...well, go see for yourself.

P.S. If you have really good eyes and are especially talented at reading scrawly handwriting, you may see on the planner pic above that I started a 10K training group yesterday called Next Steps. I am both nervous and crazy. 6.2 miles, guys. Eep.


Meme said...

I love her books! Deanna Raybourn is wonderful!

Lenore said...

Ooh! Best of luck with the 10 K. I am so NOT a distance runner. Sprints, intervals, yes. Miles and miles, no.

Crimogenic said...

Ditto about the eyes thing. Every year I go get my exam, I find out that my eyes are worse. It has got to stop getting worse at some point. At least, I hope so!

10K? You can do it! I'm up to 7.5to 8k on average with my semi-bummed ankle. I'm cheering for you! Let us know how it goes! :)

Justus M. Bowman said...

My eyes don't degenerate a lot, but a little is too much.

Michelle said...

Every time my eyes are checked out they tell me they're getting worse :(

I've signed up for a 10k this year as well! Good luck to you!

Robyn said...

I forgot about Lent too. I always draw the cross on my forehead with pencil and celebrate Lent starting on Ash Wednesday and this year I wondered when it was and I looked on the calendar realizing it was the day after. And so it goes!!:)

Kasie West said...

wow. You sound busy. Really busy. LOL And I totally empathize with the whole getting blinder by the year bit. Yeah, I'm so there. I went from only wearing my glasses when I watched tv, to wearing them all the time now. And even with them on things are a bit blurry. It's probably time to update the prescription. Sigh.