Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day makes me do crazy things

JB and I were high school sweethearts. When he moved to Alabama from St. Louis, I thought he was sooo cute and had the most beautiful eyes. I was 15 and he was 17. I told my friend Chad I liked him, who of course went and told JB. Because boys have no tact and just don't know how it's supposed to be done. I was so embarrassed.

But it was OK because JB asked me out a couple of days later, and then asked me to Homecoming!

I can't believe I just posted that. How embarassing. We looked a hot mess in 1998. Luckily we both learned how not to do our hair. The pic at the top from junior year prom. For senior year prom, our group got a limo and you have no idea how cool we thought we were.

(That's sparkling grape juice, by the way. We were rebels!)

JB and I dated all through high school. Then I suggested we break it off my senior year, which was the year he went off to college at Auburn. He was the only boyfriend I'd ever had, and I thought we should try being seperate for a while...I'm not sure why; it made sense at the time. We broke off amicably (though we shed some tears) and I still totally pined for him.

That seperation lasted until the next year, when I got to Auburn. After we both dated other people that semester (total losers), we got back together and knew it was for good. Apparently lots of my photos from this time period are from sorority parties, in which we seemed to do a lot of dressing up from other decades. Like the 60s...

and the 80s...

And there was the odd photo from a concert choir function, which would explain why we were wearing formal dress at a freezing football game:

And of course we've got the obligatory "Rolling Toomer's Corner" photos after an Auburn win:

But one of my favorite photos is from Valentine's Day, junior year in college I think. It was freezing, and JB took me out to a park on the outskirts of town where you could see the stars like nowhere else. He'd brought a Thermos of hot chocolate, and we sat on the hood of his old green Buick, talking and watching the stars and sipping hot chocolate. It was awesome.


Lenore said...

So sweet!

Whenever I show Europeans my senior pictures and school dance pictures, they crack up on account of the extreme cheesiness of the backgrounds and poses.

Justus M. Bowman said...

Nice tale.

Crimogenic said...

Awww... definitely sweet. Sounds like you two were destined to be together :)

Scrap girl said...

How fantastic -these pictures are lovely. It is so nice to hear a true love story. However you have left us without seeing the ending. Do we get to see the wedding pictures?

Michelle said...

Awww.. you guys look so adorable together! High school sweethearts, how romantic.

Lizzy said...

This might be the sweetest story I've ever read :) He proposed in the same place your dad proposed to your mom! {{tears in my overly hormonal eyes}}