Monday, February 09, 2009

Water Cooler Nancy

If you haven't yet, get on over to Christy Raedeke's blog and read a great Q&A with author Suzanne Young. Young writes YA, has a four book deal (yipes!) but the weirdest part is that she landed an agent through her blog.

I'd always thought agent-finds-your-blog-and-offers-representation was just a bloggy urban myth some unpubbed author-blogger made up to make us all feel better (did anyone see He's Just Not That Into You this weekend? I'm seeing parallels here--we are not "exceptions" to the rule).

Of course it doesn't hurt that Young's books sound awesome.

In other news, I'm feeling quite sleuthy as I research potential agents. Any time I come across a mention of one in a writer's blog I usually google her (it's usually a her). If her agency's Web site is not forthcoming (or not existant) AgentQuery is a good place to check.

But hands-down the best source for info is the Absolute Write Water Cooler forum. It's like TMZ for querying authors: any rumors, experiences and gossip related to agents are there. I'm still new to navigating the forums, but an easy in is to google the agent in question with "absolute write" after her name. Chances are you'll pull up a thread chock-full of jucy details. (And I mean juciy in the nicest way possible.)

Most of you probably already know about AWWC, but I'm still new and thought I'd pass it along FWIW. Plus researching agents makes me feel kind of like Nancy Drew, and I think my desire to be her has been well-documented.


PurpleClover said...

I love the part about her landing an agent thru her blog! It gives me hope!!!

Anita said...

Hmmm...maybe I should start spell checking my blog posts?