Friday, February 06, 2009

What's that you're wearing? Oh this? It's eau de novel, of course

It's perfume that smells like a library. Seriously. I want to smell this and I am not kidding. You can buy it here and you can get a tiny version for just $12. I'm so tempted. Soooo tempted.

Who wouldn't want to smell like this: "a signed first edition of a favorite novel, Russian and Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish."

Wellllll....ok. But we're all in luck: it also comes in a home spray! My house is packed with so many books you'd think it would smell like a library anyway, but...I guess marked up paperback copies of classics I read in college, JB's sci-fi and fantasy books, chick lit, old textbooks on writing (mine) and engineering (JB's), yardsale finds and historical romances just don't lend the same scent as first-edition Russian novels with leather bindings. Whatever.

I think the perfume or home spray would make a fabulous Valentine's Day gift for that special writer in your life. Or yourself. Or myself.

Since JB usually doesn't read this blog, I'll show you a pic of what I got him for Valentine's Day:

They're Star Trek communicator cufflinks. Yeah. It's not something he broadcasts, but JB is a closet Trekkie. I used to tease him mercilessly but I've mostly gotten over it. I thought these were elegant enough that they proclaim his fanship, but in a subtly classy way. Much nicer than something like this. I've never really understood the appeal of Star Trek, although the new movie coming out looks cool.

Because I know you're dying to know where you can get your own communicator cufflinks, you can get them here, but I got them much cheaper by offering a lower price for the same ones on eBay.

The only way they'd be cooler (ok well not the only way) is if they actually did communicate like the little button pins that the Star Trek people wore. Now I'm kinda embarassed that I know what communicators are. But I guess watching Star Trek episodes is my payback for making JB sit through every Jane Austen adaptation ever made.


Crimogenic said...

OMG, I was practically salivating when I saw those cufflinks. How beautiful!

You can tell I'm not a closet trekkie.

I will be front and center on first night of the new movie.

Captain Hook said...

That cologne/perfume sounds great! And I adore the cufflinks.

Barrie said...

I so want to smell that perfume!

Emily Cross said...

wow i want that perfum, i'd spray it all around the house lol.

anyhoo, sorry if this is a bit 'plug like' and out of the blue but i've started a writer's forum where people who blog and are writers can network with each other and discuss everything to do with writing.

Its just starting out - it'd be great if you could drop by and have a look.