Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getcha some creepy houses right here


A few weeks ago, the kind peeps at Flashlight Worthy Books invited me to submit a list of recommended books for their site, which has tons of fab booklists on the most specific topics out there. I adore browsing the lists (and subsequently adding to my TBR pile). I found FW on Twitter and have been a fan ever since.

So what did I choose as my topic? It will come as no shock to anyone who's been reading the blog for a while: Creepy Houses That Must Be Explored.

I listed just my favorites there, although the list could have been miles long. Leave a comment below for any books you think should have made the cut--I'd love to hear suggestions (and find more books about creepy houses to read).

And also, if you're buying books from Amazon anyway (or anything else, for that matter), visit Flashlight Worthy Books and click through to Amazon so those lovely FW people can get some compensation for the labor-intensive-yet-fabulous work they do.

The Mudhouse Mansion


Scrap girl said...

I just love the pic of the house at the top. There is something fascinating about creepy houses.

Crimogenic said...

Great creepy houses, definitely stories to be told.

Anita said...

Picture Perfection!

Fran said...

Both of my novels are set in derelict houses. I've been obsessed with houses my whole life...