Monday, June 01, 2009

I missed you!

We're back from Paris! We had a lovely, wonderful time but man...getting back in the swing of things and shaking off the last of the jet lag is hard work.

I promise to get back to regular posting this week. Today I'm wading through an intimidating mountain of e-mail and voicemail at work, so I'm taking the easy way out of a blog post with a pic of our first day in Paris.

Embarassing admission: I actually teared up at my first sight of the Arc de Triomphe. I'm usually not that cheesy, but I'd been up for 24 hours and it was the very first thing we saw in Paris and I just couldn't believe I was actually, finally there.

P.S. The new profile pic on the top right sidebar is of me with a volume of Oscar Wilde in the iconic Shakespeare & Co. in Paris. A tourist spot of course, but it is one seriously cool bookshop.


cerrissa said...

i was secretly hoping that would become the new profile pic :)

Duluk said...

Shakespeare & Co. Nice. I'm a bit of a Pound, Eliot, Joyce and Hemingway fanatic.

Have you read Sylvia Beach's book about her shop? She knew some interesting folk. :)

Crimogenic said...

Welcome back! Do post some more pictures of your trip.

Liana Brooks said...

Now you need to head to Cali and get a matching photo taken in the Upstart Crow in San Diego :o)

Welcome back! Paris is wonderful, isn't it?