Thursday, June 11, 2009

If life were a musical

This made my day:

Julie Andrews AND spontaneous, choreographed public dancing? More, please!

The video also reminded me of the time my friends and I actually pulled off kind of a small-scale version of this at senior prom. Our school was (and still is) artsy for a big public high school. I was a choir/showchoir kid, and had a lot of friends in choir, theater, dance, band. Hence the affinity for choreography. Many of us had been in the spring musical, The Music Man. Hence the desire for spontaneous choreographed musical numbers in real life.

One night we were hanging out on my parents' front porch, goofing off, and started inventing a dance. It soon grew into epic proportions and we moved out into the middle of the cul-de-sac at 1 a.m. to polish it. Poor neighbors.

I can't remember all of the dance, but it was...well, it was something else. It involved the following:
-white-kid hiphop steps
-a modern dance sequence two of our dancers had learned in dance class
-some 1910s dance moves that were part of a big chorus number from The Music Man
-swing dance steps we'd learned in show choir
-a just-the-girls dance section
-a just-the-guys dance section
-that dance where one partner is the fish and the other one is "reeling" her in
-and a move called "The Sprinkler" (thrown in for a little bit of ironic humor).

You can imagine the awesomeness, I'm sure.

The night of prom, our group (plus everyone's parents) met for a big pre-prom photo session at my house. There were about 10-12 of us total. So of course we had to get in one last practice in the cul-de-sac before the limos arrived.

(The construction on the house next door really adds a "street" flavor, don't you think?) I'm the one in the red dress above. I had to teach JB the steps on the fly because he'd been away at college. Luckily his high school years spent starring in musical theater paid off.

Above is the "feature the girls" section. Below, the guys show JB the moves one more time during the "feature the guys" section.

So the middle of prom that night, the perfect song came on. Our head choreographers nodded at us, and we all broke into our routine in the middle of the dance floor.

People backed up to give us space. Lots of shocked faces, followed by hooting and cheers. I choose to think we looked cool and everyone else just wished they could join in. Or maybe they just thought we were majorly dorky.

At any rate, I want to do something like that again! Has anybody ever seen a flashmob (esp. a dancing flashmob) in person? Or participated? Maybe something needs to go down at the next SCBWI conference...just a thought.

But seriously. Who's good at group choreography?


Tracy Marchini said...

Spontaneous choreographed dance numbers = I'm in!

My friends and I had a line dance for the Ghostbusters song. It went.. terribly.

cerrissa said...

Oh sweet little baby Jesus!! i didn't know you had pics of this! i tell people about this and then have to explain that Madison kids are "special". my old roommate pulls out beyonce routines in bars by himself. i must say it works better in large groups than alone. the world def needs more spontaneous dancing :)

Anna Claire said...

Yes friends, Cerrissa is the girl in the purple dress in the pics. Highly involved in choreography. I was watching her half the time and Sarah (the girl in the black dress and pink wrap) the other half.

Litgirl01 said...

That video rocks!!! Love it!! :-)

Joyce Wolfley said...

This put the hugest smile on my face. I love that some of them were wearing their purses...and the expressions on the spectators faces. So cool!

Vérité Parlant said...

I had to add this to my blog with similar commentary. Thanks.

lotusgirl said...

Such a great video! I love the crowd reaction. I esp. love the older lady in the black hat. I called my kids and their friends over to watch and they loved it and said that they would love to do something like that.

Sarah P said...

Can't...stop...laughing!!! Have you seen that Family Guy episode where everyone in the football stadium sings and dances Shipoopi? It reminds me of that night every time! And I will never in a million years know how I convinced my boyfriend at the time to do that silly dance...